Colourful Friday: Wheelbarrow garden

I have always wanted a wheelbarrow garden but didn't have an old wheelbarrow to make one in until our neighbour gave us her old one. We now use the one we were given, and turned our old barrow into this lovely garden. My husband painted it green, put holes in the bottom (lots) and here it is. Doesn't it look lovely.  I have planted pansies, sweet pea (which you can see dangling over the edge) and a few bulbs. It is a lovely splash of colour in my winter garden. I am also thrilled that plants have popped up underneath and now it looks like it has been here for ages.


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    1. I'm really pleased with the end result and I can't wait for the sweet pea to start to flower. I love sweet pea -they always remind me of A. Dorothy.

  2. Very pretty! We have an old bathtub flower garden--though this year, it is still empty. i need to buy some annuals to fill it.

    1. It has worked out better than I thought :) I like the idea of the old bathtub - but its hard to get one's hands on them these days.

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    1. An old bath tub is another great option but harder to get !!

  4. This looks gorgeous! My wheelbarrow is getting old, and I may repurpose it like this someday! Visiting from #theartofhomemakingmondays

    1. Don't forget to put lots of holes in the bottom, in particular at the lowest point of the barrow. My plants grow really well in it - must warm up well during the dat. Love to hear how your barrow garden grows!!


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